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Sleep walking.

Most recently the Obama Administration has amped up the undoing of our civil liberties by further eviscerating the Bill of Rights. President Obama’s promise to make government more transparent was spoken with a forked tongue. He has in no way removed the walls that were build around D.C., rather he has just made them more numerous, taller, thicker, and even more secretive. Not only has Mr. Obama signed a law allowing for indefinite detention without legal recourse he has set up to allow our military to function just as they do in foreign countries, where drones and assassination can be used without scrutiny just because someone said so . And if the NDAA was not broad enough, President Obama issued a signing statement saying that he is not bound by anything in the NDAA.
Now let’s all continue our sleep as its all only a dream. One hell of a nightmare.


We are living t…

We are living the scariest of all reality shows and very few people are watching it. President Obama has just signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act which allows for anyone to be thought to have any connection to anything the government wants to call terrorist like, to be locked up with no explanation possibly forever. This is the kind of thing that nightmares are made from.

The greedy, angry, and very mad have taken over while the majority of the rest us have become essentially inert. From the coming ecological disasters to the police state that has been built around us, greed and the Supreme Court are making all our policy. The Supreme Court was never meant to decide law. In despotic countries, when the laws prevent their governments from misusing their power, they simply “fix” the judges in order to codify these actions as legal.
What are we to do? I am uncertain , however I believe that the Occupy Movement must balloon in size. This movement is the only thing we have going for those of us who see our country and the world on fire but the fire department won’t put out the fires because we haven’t sent them a check.
We must challenge all who actions contribute to or enable our democracy’s downward slide into cataclysmic oblivion. 
The Obama Administration has, since its inception, been moving the conversation and the “center” further and further to the right. It has partnered with the Bush people, the Pentagon, the banksters and those high up in the towers of Wall Street. He has accelerated the march to trample our Bill of Rights. The coming election has become more and more the scariest election I will have ever experienced. There is no respite in either major party choice. The republicans will cause our country’s pain faster and more totally. There is, at this moment anyway, no other course than joining with the Occupy Movement in order to shout against the slow motion coup that has happened in our very own country.